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Make a big impact with your clients & have an even bigger impact on the world

 Our Ultimate Coaching Toolbox & Lead Magnets contains the highest-rated transformational coaching tools that our amazing practitioners use for their own professional development. The pack is used not just in coaching, but in HR, management, teaching and in therapeutic settings too. 

40+ Ways to Help Your Clients...

43 to be exact! Practical tools covering a wide range of holistic coaching techniques, emotional intelligence skills, strength finding, resilience skills, life purpose discovery and more including:


emotional balance | gratitude exercises goal motivation | life purpose | 

Deliver beautiful resources to your clients and use the best tools to promote your practice.

Become recognised as a quality holistic coach, spiritual healer and lightworker with our transformational coaching exercises. You can even customise our Ebooks & Lead Magnets in your own logo & branding.


What will this help me with?

Make a fabulous first impression and create the impact you need to help you stand-out as an expert in your field.

Become known for delivering high-quality materials – without the need for an expensive designer.

Attract customers by innovative and engaging content.

Create buy-in for your wonderful services.  People need to know you exist in the world, and this helps you with promotion.

Save yourself valuable time and energy by letting us do the hard-work and giving you a tried and tested (and absolutely beautiful!) template.

All tools are rooted in real life experiences and have been tried and tested on clients. Each activity contains practical advice and a detailed description of how to use it to your maximum advantage.

Help others transform their life, career, emotions and relationships

I’m in! What can I expect?

Stand-out coaching techniques, e-books, healing guides and lead magnets to build your dream client list. It couldn’t be easier; we provide all of the info and you add your branding and logo. It’s all downloadable too, so you can access your stellar materials straight away!

Products that look amazing and are instantly accessible. The perfect way to sell your services, workshops or courses.

Created by a coach for a coach! You can guarantee that this is relevant and accessible for spiritual healers because I use the material myself.

Become an expert

Use these tools to add trust, credibility and expertise to your professional

Transform your clients

Transformational proven methods to increase the well-being of the clients you work with.

Stand out from the crowd

Be known as the go-to person for life changing methods and long-lasting interventions.

Become an expert

Use these tools to add trust, credibility and expertise to your professional arsenal.


My life was changed forever after this experience and I worked hard on my self-development, seeing myself as my own project! I had to change the story I was telling myself of self-hate, worthlessness and rejection. It took a long time, but eventually I began to like, love, accept and value the person I truly was, something I had never done before.

In my early 30s, I discovered that there was so much more to life than what you are taught at school. I learnt more and more about spirituality and discovered that we are all spiritual beings. I had a profound life changing experience during a Reiki session when I was pregnant and – although I had had quite a few out of body and paranormal experiences in my childhood – this confirmed to me we are not just our physical body. This experience set me off on a dedicated path to understand the body, mind and spirit. I studied a variety of different spiritual techniques over the years; from Reiki, E.F.T [Emotional Freedom Technique] to Hypnotherapy I even studied Bio Medicine, Naturopathy & Acupuncture and followed my passion to help myself and others. This is when the Soul Awakening Method really began.

“One of the best decisions I have made”

“Anne Marie is an amazing coach and teacher. Undertaking her Spiritual Life Coaching course was one of the best decisions I have made. Her Soul Awakening Academy is amazing. Anne Marie is spiritual, but also real, down to earth, friendly and a gorgeous soul. I  look forward to working with her in the future. I would urge you to work with Anne Marie.”

JenniferHolistic Life-Coach

“Take your business to the next level!”

” I highly recommend Anne- Marie’s soul awakening academy. I have learnt so much and I have been able to really figure out my passion and understand where I want to take my healing and coaching business. Anne-Marie is one of the most humble, kind and knowledgeable teachers I have ever come across and I’m excited to continue to learn more from her. ”

SaffronCompany OwnerReiki Bliss

“I now have all of the tools and techniques I need”

“This takes coaching to the next level. Now I have the tools to identify what needs working on I can see myself incorporating this with my coaching practice as I think they both work nicely together. I like the connection between coaching & energy healing. Loved the last exercise we did with the cards the Soul Transformation Technique & E.F.T ”

JadeHolistic Life-Coach

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Become an expert

Use these tools to add trust, credibility and expertise to your professional arsenal.


Become equipped with:

  • Gratitude Exercises: Help clients move past old hurts or feelings of stagnation.
  • Goal Setting Exercises: Increase awareness of action orientation to achieve goals.
  • Understanding Your Goal Motivation:  Identify the personal needs that are satisfied by achieving goals.
  • ​Emotional Healing: Help clients find meaning and resolution in their trauma.
  • Inner-child Healing: Help clients develop greater awareness of their patterns of emotional avoidance and or emotional projection.
  • Positive Emotions: Generate possible ideas and strategies for your client to increase positive emotions in daily life.
  • Emotional Resiliency: Help clients develop the important life skill of bouncing back from adversity.
  • Understanding Your Innate Strengths: Increase awareness of strengths and how to use them effectively. 
  • Emotional Intelligence: Understand and manage emotions effectively for a positive outcome.
  • ​Emotional Resilience Strategies:  Learn how to adapt to whatever life throws at you. Help clients with coping strategies and the ability to bounce back.
  • Rewriting Your Past: Support your clients in understanding that they are not defined by their past and what has happened to them. Help them move forward with courage and conviction.
  • Fulfilling Your Heart’s Desires: Support clients to feel emotionally connected with the world so that they can achieve a fulfilled and positive life.
  • Letting Go of The Past: Teach clients to let go of emotions or thoughts that no longer serve them.
  • Life Satisfaction Scale: Facilitate clients in commutating their feelings and concerns in specific areas of their life.
  • Understanding the Inner Critic: Help people identify what their personal triggers (emotional hot buttons are) and their internal dialogue to effectively address and reframe negative self-talk – so that they can respond more positively and effectively the next time they feel emotionally triggered.
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries with Others:  Help clients work on introducing healthy boundaries within themselves, such as eating habits, addictions and relationships to live a more fulfilling and authentic life.
  • Understanding Your Soul Purpose: Help clients tune in and understand the deeper, transpersonal side to their existence.

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